the kits

Coverit has created Effetti Decorativi, a choice of ten different special atmospheres, which can be realized simply by using one of the 10 available kits. Each kit contains the two products ready-to-use and all that is needed for easy application. The base is Vesuvio, applied with Arsenale, Lava or Tagli technique (see page 57), in natural white or colored black (col. 2N from range page 67), depending on the kit. Carrara, Duetto or Calcite can also be used as base product.

The ocean is full of dreams, travels and hope; it washes the shore and instills human energy inside the earth, because man is a born traveler.

The Terra Marina decorative effect recalls the power of nature which is inside us, turning our walls into symbols of our voyage.

A daydream: this is how the Polar Lights are often perceived.
This spectacle is a special gift from nature to kindle a unique emotion in our hearts.

Which is exactly how we will feel when looking at our walls decorated with Luci Polari.
A mysterious and fascinating vision.

The ocean can be very deep, like looking inside ourselves; it can be painted with cool colors, but it can also be reassuring.

This is true also for the Blu Oceano effect, infinite and bright as the sky.
Simple and reassuring.

Why CORTEN? Because its strength and resistance are born from the union of copper, chrome and phosphorus with steel.

The CORTEN effect is therefore inspired by unity. It is as strong as humanity, which, despite the wearing of time, is constantly progressing towards a better future. This kit represents union and personality.

Black as night and reassuring like metropolitan life. Full of the unexpected, but immovable as darkness, which lasts forever.

Nero Metropolitano represents that part of us which will always love dark, nocturnal colors, with their deep meanings and quietness.

Like a guide in the voyage of our lives, the moon illuminates the way even in the darkest places.

Luna d’Argento represents the peace and safety which are inside us. This decoration embraces us and reflects our feelings.

Like a message from the skies, like a soft caress from a sun ray.
Like a never ending sunset.

Tramonto Dorato proves that your walls are not just mortar, but windows looking on peace and serenity.

Where worldly goods are concerned, nothing is more noble than pure gold, but when you think of the intangible, nothing is more noble than the human soul.

This is your finish, if you feel up to it. Oro Profondo is not just a decorative finish, it also represents the intangible human soul.

For those who travel not only physically, but also mentally, it will not be difficult to dream of living on Mars, far away from all prejudices.

Thus the Rosso Marziano kit transforms our walls into something special, unique as a space traveler, unique as he who rejects conventionalities.

One could talk for hours about Notte nel Deserto and its suggestions, its chiaroscuro effects and unique surface texture.

Or maybe not. Perhaps words are useless for such a beautiful finish.