Coverit Venetian plasters and marmorinos are highly breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-mould, and, most importantly, they are eco-friendly with a VOC content close to zero. They are based on matured and finely filtered slaked lime and are offered in a complete range of grain sizes, suitable for any decorative project seeking to create inspiring, beautiful and stylish ambiences, using high-quality and lasting products.



The Venetian plaster par excellence, made with slaked lime: a timeless protagonist in all projects, blending tradition, style and modernity. It can be applied in the classic glossy effect or mixed with other products to obtain special finishes, both shiny and matt.


Thanks to the great expertise in slaked lime, Coverit has created a further evolution of the traditional Venetian plaster, enhancing the sheen of the finish to an unprecedented level with a natural product. Superlucido (super shiny) is also very easy to apply on the wall and the result is a shinier finish than Classico, still maintaining an extremely low VOC content.


Venetian marmorino made with slaked lime and Carrara marble aggregate is rooted in the ancient tradition and is, at the same time, used in many different ways in modern projects. Using Carrara, applied with the classic Lamata technique, you can obtain the perfectly classic marmorino finish, silky and with natural warm shading effect. Because of its impressive versatility, it can be used combined with other products, topcoats, additives or different application techniques.


Vesuvio represents a turning point for the lime based products. It has been specially designed for maximum simplicity (single coat) and versatility: with Vesuvio you can create smooth to intensely textured effects, and also a traditional medium-grain marmorino. It can be interpreted with any type of Coverit application technique.


Duetto is distinguished by a perfect blend of different grain sizes. It can be applied in two coats for a classic semi-matt marmorino, or in a single coat, in a creative way, adding one or more topcoats.


Coarse-grain marmorino, similar to rough stone, textured, with soft shadings. When mixed with Luci or Fiamme di Roccia additives, it creates emotional and fascinating atmospheres.


Coarse-grain lime-based product, distinguished by a natural beige color, it has been designed to recreate, both in appeal and in color, the classic travertino marble. It is suggested to apply Roma without adding colorants.